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Wellness, the focus of our Health Project, is as smooth as oil with our appealing wholesome products

Our  bio-energy restaurant proposes a wide selection of fresh, high-quality, dishes prepared with locally sourced ingredients.
Relais Paradiso's own extra virgin olive oil is essential for assembling this feast of flavours.

Of course our olives come from the park surrounding the hotel, and are cold-pressed in the mill to obtain a richer and more genuine product.
Oil is decanted the natural way in stainless steel tanks.

Such process enhances the features of our light green, fruity scented, slightly bitter, extra virgin olive oil - the king of your diet. 

Bet you are hungry now! Come to our restaurant and find out more!
Deep in Umbria's green hills the dream continues when you wake up

Experience focusing on the individual. This is our approach. We provide not just a stay at a relais with Spa and swimming pool but rather an out-and-out experience, long coveted and finally possible.

You are our raw material, as we create ad hoc packages specially to achieve true wellness and thus start off our Health Project.

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