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The stunning “little gem” just 50 km from our countryside relais

Orvieto owes its popular nickname "città bomboniera" (little gem) to its really intricate and impressive layout.

Built on the top of a tall tuff massif, Orvieto boasts very ancient origins as it was founded by the Etruscans around the 9th century BC.

Underground Orvieto

The tuff massif on which Orvieto stands was patiently carved by man over about 2500 years and is now a maze containing more than one thousand caves.

The highlight of this incredible underground network is the Pozzo di San Patrizio well, dug around 1527 to help the town survive in case of a siege (it was the year of the sack of Rome).
The size of Orvieto's Pozzo di San Patrizio is impressive: 62 meters deep with a diameter of 13.5 m, it is lined by two spiral staircases, where light flows in through 72 large windows. It is a unique site you must not miss on your trip to Orvieto!

Sightseeing in Orvieto

  • You start off visiting the Duomo, one of Central Italy's Gothic architecture masterpieces. For its facade, which kept as many as 20 different artists busy, works went on for a stunning 3 centuries (from the thirteenth to the sixteenth).
    Also the Duomo interior is full of treasures: the main attraction is the Cappella del Corporale chapel, which contains the Reliquiario del Corporale, a Gothic masterpiece made of silver, gold and translucent enamel by goldsmith Ugolino di Vieri from Siena between 1337 and 1338.
  • At this point the adventure does not continue "near" the Duomo, as usually happens in the average Italian town, but "under” it, with Underground Orvieto.
Deep in Umbria's green hills the dream continues when you wake up

Experience focusing on the individual. This is our approach. We provide not just a stay at a relais with Spa and swimming pool but rather an out-and-out experience, long coveted and finally possible.

You are our raw material, as we create ad hoc packages specially to achieve true wellness and thus start off our Health Project.

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