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SPA: hotel and spa rural Italy


Detox diet and weight loss, two other ways to enhance your lifestyle

Sedentary attitudes and bad lifestyles often imply weight problems that can heavily affect your overall health conditions. This is why Relais Paradiso proposes two different paths:   detox diet and weight loss.

Detox while eating

This programme supports you step by step, keeping you away from temptation and proposing, in synergy with our chef,
healthy cuisine with low-fat food high in vitamins and minerals.
Diet cuisine, which you can learn with our courses, is based on wholesome and fresh food, some of which produced on our grounds, able to purify your body. To detox actually means to eliminate toxins from your body (through the excretory organs), thus contrasting cellulite build up.

Hotel and spa in rural Italy where you lose weight

A programme whose target is to make you start losing weight, from your stay on, not only by dieting but also by performing a number of activities, and by enjoying our treatments and massages:    shiatsu, hydrotherapy, massage and beauty treatments - all under the supervision of a medical specialist.

Eat well, live better

According to the latest scientific developments, our lifestyle inevitably influences our health. As a matter of fact, many chronic diseases (obesity, diabetes, hyperlipidemia, tumour), along with other morbid conditions, and with stress, are often attributable to physical inactivity and to wrong eating habits.

The Mediterranean diet, flavour & health

The "Mediterranean diet", which was granted the status of UNESCO World Heritage    in November 2010, does not consist in a rigid diet plan but is rather an actual lifestyle, it thus includes a set of habits, knowledge, abilities and cultural areas that have proven beneficial for health.
The diet plan is an integral part of a   health and well-being path that will fully involve you in activities and experiences created by skilled professionals, to be developed in synergy throughout your stay at the relais. The collaboration between our dietician and our chef has also led to the creation and implementation of true   well-being menus whose antioxidant, detoxifying and slimming properties do not clash with food flavour and enjoyment.

Deep in Umbria's green hills the dream continues when you wake up

Experience focusing on the individual. This is our approach. We provide not just a stay at a relais with Spa and swimming pool but rather an out-and-out experience, long coveted and finally possible.

You are our raw material, as we create ad hoc packages specially to achieve true wellness and thus start off our Health Project.

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